DocuMentor - Collector's Record. Documentation of Antiques, Art, and Other Valuables










DocuMentor Collector's Record
A Unique Product to Document the Things  You Care About

DocuMentor fills a void by providing a comprehensive, professional record in an accessible format.  It offers the same level of object identification and documentation as systems in place at major museums.  The easy -to-follow instructions and sample worksheet are particularly reassuring to someone undertaking the process for the first time.  DocuMentor makes the indexing process as unintimidating as possible.  DocuMentor should be a must for any collector or for any household with valuable articles.”


Nancy E. Richards

Curator of Collections, Tryon Palace

New Bern, North Carolina

Co-author with Nancy Evans and Michael Podmanicsky,

New England Furniture at Winterthur: Queen Anne and Chippendale Periods, 1997


“A well-organized, inexpensive, simple-to-use system for documenting collections.  Collectors of all sorts could use DocuMentor for history, insurance, tax documentation....  A wonderful product.”


Mary Case, Founder

QM2: Quality Management to a Higher Power

Washington, DC and

Former Director, Office of the Registrar

     Smithsonian Institution


“Organize information about your possessions of financial or personal significance.  Too often meaning and appraised value are reduced when important details like family history and purchase price become separated from objects.  Do yourself and your heirs a favor.  Follow the easy step-by-step procedure and fill in the forms similar to those used by curators and registrars in leading museums.  Your efforts will be rewarded.”


Barbara Carson

Consultant to Museums and Historic Houses

Faculty Member, College of William and Mary

Williamsburg, Virginia


“I can’t believe someone didn’t come up with this idea sooner.  The DocuMentor allows collectors to catalog and document their personal possessions.  It is easy to understand and use and provides a variety of protections for collectors and their families.  All too many people never adequately document their valuables and, and, as a result, encounter substantial difficulties when certain problems arise.”


Alan S. Bamberger

Appraiser and Consultant